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About Propsquare

We Source and deliver a wide range Property activities and as the Premiere Property Force of Dubai, our agents, known as ‘The Propsquad’ constantly strive for Change and Excellence with a Focused Customer service routine.

Propsquare Advantage

  • ethics

    Strict Code of Ethics

    As registered and approved by the Real Esatate Regulatory Agency , RERA, under the Dubai Land Department, the Government Agency for the Real Estate control, all our Property Consultants are adhered to the Code of Ethics of the RERA laws. Every Consultant has a the Registered Broker Card that legally allows to employ in the Sales of Property.
    Please ask for the RERA Broker Card the next time you meet one of our Property Consultants !

  • ConstantTraining

    Constant Training

    The Propsquad works as one family, where there is lot of interaction and communication within the team, to get them up to date with the market trends and activity. The management evolves several training programs for The Propsquad, to polish their skills and expertise to deliver the Best, and are in line with market competition.

  • convenient_offices

    Convenient Offices

    Our offices are located at centre of all the real estate happenings of Dubai. Being in the TECOM, we are able to reach to any active freehold area within 30 minutes. This enables the team to keep upto date with the properties in any communities. Moreover the convenience of location helps to keeps up with the appointments with customers at ease for business. We are constantly appreciated by our customers as one of the Best Real Estate trading Office environment in Dubai , with ambience provided.

  • flexible _timings2

    Flexible Timings

    Our offices and phone lines are open from
    9AM to 6PM from Sunday to Thursday
    9AM to 4PM on Saturday.
    The Property Squad are always reachable on their direct numbers for business, and at your convenience

  • property_inventory2

    Property Inventory

    Propsquare have a sheer volume of properties in all active freehold communities within Dubai. The team handles properties in their specialization of community. With our exposed market presence and brand establishment, properties are listed with us by investors and sellers regularly. Since the senior team members are specialized in portfolio management, each investor owns several properties which are ultimately placed in the market inventory for sale or let.

  • it_infrastructure_onlineportal

    IT Infrastructure & Online Portal

    The newly integrated websites presents the properties with lot more features , it offers Landlords, Tenants, Buyers the ease of tracking down the information required. It has also the Mobile version for information on fingertips, compatible with the popular smartphones.
    All the listings are managed by most sophisticated real estate management software. This is way from listing, marketing and conclusion it is all handled on the web. Marketing feature this way allows the property to have , with one click , the properties are listed in all major listing websites, enabling maximum exposure and conversion for the property.

  • presentation


    Presentation of the Listing is Vital to generate market interest. We take attractive photographs by trained photographers, include floor plans and Write comprehensive property descriptions. Property is ready to go within hours on the website and other marketing media.

  • propsquare_branding

    Propsquare Branding

    A known face in the Dubai Property market today our branding exercises have given us maximum recognition. On the streets of Dubai you will find Propsquare branded cars, that staff chauffeured for Buyers and Tenants.

  • propsquare_news_articles

    Propsquare News Articles

    Our PR quite strong, the Directors are recognized and known expert faces of the property market, and are regularly in the local and International media for their articles and comments on the market happening regularly.
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